George J. Fortunato

George J. Fortunato was born, reared, educated, and resides in the borough of Brooklyn. He is a graduate of Manuel Training High School and attended Brooklyn College.

For over forty five years George has set many standards representing injured workers in their compensation claims and has settled over 10,000 workers' compensation cases. The son of a longshoreman who served as a foreman on the Brooklyn pier, George grew up knowing the grueling realities workers faced. This served as the reason for him to venture into the workers' compensation business. Aside from his professional achievements, George is very active in his Mill Basin community. In 1993, with the blessing of the Catholic Diocese, he raised over one million dollars for the ground breaking of St. Bernard's Church, the first Roman Catholic Church in the Mill Basin area. Today, St. Bernard's continues to serve as a house of worship and healing. George is also a long-time member of the Mill Basin/Bergen Beach Lions Club, where he has served on both the Executive Membership Committee and as President. George is also a former member of the Knights of Columbus and a long time member of the New York Athletic Club, one of the most prestigious private clubs in the State.

In addition to his local community involvement, he extends his leadership to the Italian American community serving as an active member of the National Italian American Foundation. In December 2003, he was honored by the Friends of Citta Del Ragazzo Di Messina as their 2003 Man of the Year for his outstanding work and contributions to the continued well being of Italian Americans. Additionally, he has worked tirelessly in support of the Franciscan Order by supporting impoverished children and by assisting with the placement of foster children in permanent homes.

A long-time fan of the New York Yankees, and an avid player himself, George put his love for the game and his love for youth into action when he assisted with the construction of the American Legion Kings County Youth Recreational Facility complex in 1994, where he was an instrumental factor in the building of the expansive ball fields. Today, he revels in the joy of watching over 4,500 youths play baseball and conduct other outdoor activities on the 32-acre complex. In honor of his years of community service and youth oriented endeavors, in 2003, the American Legion Kings County Youth Recreational Facility named him its 2003 Man of the year. Married to his wife Jackie for over forty years, they have been blessed with three children, Annamarie, Ralph and Camille.

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